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Location:                             Bukhara

Address:                             1, Kh. Porso Street, 200118

Tel:                                        (998 65) 224 23 05

Fax:                                       (998 65) 224 47 64

Number of rooms:         12

Description:                       It is located in the historical center of Bukhara close to famous NodirDivanbegi madrasah. The hotel is built in local architectural style of the 19thcentury. Same style is traced in the decorative elements of hotel interior thus creating a special oriental flavor. The rooms combine local national and European styles, helps to immerse into the atmosphere of peace and comfort, whereas the modern conveniences will make your stay really delightful. Each guestroom is equipped with a complete bathroom with shower, individually controllable air conditioning, direct telephone connection, satellite TV, minibar, refrigerator, safe and Internet access.